Battlefield Portal Announced for Battlefield 2042


Not sure if you want to be playing as a soldier from WW2 or a super soldier from the future? Well Battlefield Portal has the solution.

Dead Space Remake Announced

dsremake header

Dead Space fans have been waiting a long time for news about this tragically abandoned series that was a part of EA's Unicron phase where they ate up every studio they could and produced nothing of value with the talent. Regardless, I'll always be interested in more Dead Space, and it remains to be seen what we can look forward to with this title.

Call of Duty Mauer Der Toten Trailer


Activision has dropped a trailer for the newest Call of Duty zombies mode to join the zombies universe, Mauer Der Toten.

Among Us Loki Imposter Mod and Download Info

Loki Among Us mods

The Loki Imposter mod brings the mischievous villain into the game as a disguised crewmate. Loki's abilities include mind control, similar to what we've seen in other mods using this type of ability, the ability to tesseract teleport, which is just a fancy name for another gameplay element we've seen in previous mods as well.

Among Us Workout Imposter Mod and Download Info


Depending on how much you liked or disliked the Fat Imposter Mod, you are absolutely going to love(or hate) the Among Us Workout Imposter Mod!

Path of Exile 3.15 Expansion Teaser and Livestream


Grinding Gear Games has announced a livestream for their new 3.15 Expansion as well as released a teaser trailer for the new expansion.

Path of Exile 3.14.3 Patch Coming Soon


Grinding Gear Games devs are preparing for their new expansion with a new 3.14.3 Patch that will be coming to Path of Exile any day now.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model Announced


While not entirely exciting for everyone, Nintendo finally unveils the next model of the Nintendo Switch family of consoles - the Nintendo Switch OLED Model. Nintendo has finally pulled the curtain back and announced the new version of the Nintendo Switch that has long been suspected by fans of the console.