Castlevania Advance Collection Review

Castlevania Advance Collection Title

Released on Sept. 24 for all major platforms, Konami's latest Castlevania release features a robust collection of classic titles all in one bundle. There are four titles packed into this bundle, three from the GBA-era of Castlevania and Konami also included Dracula X, the reimagined version of Rondo of Blood on the SNES.

What Does Activating the Gem in Diablo II Resurrected Do?

Diablo 2 Crystal

Does the Diablo 2 Resurrected Gem perhaps hold a 20 year old secret that has yet to be discovered by anyone?

Tristram Runs: The Best Way to Level From 1 to 15 in Diablo II Resurrected

Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Way to Level

The most efficient way to level a fresh character to level 15 is Tristam runs. What is a Tristam Run? Tristam runs consists of going to the town of Tristam (throw back to Diablo) and clearing every enemy in the town. In doing so, you will clear several rare and a unique boss which will give you a substantial amount of...

Batman Who Laughs Fortnite Crossover Unveiled


In another DC-themed crossover, Fortnite has unveiled their plans to add the enigmatic Batman Who Laughs to the roster. The new book will be available at local comic shops on Tuesday, Oct. 26. Unlike the previous "Zero Point" series, the Batman Who Laughs character pack will be available in the Fortnite shop after the normal 8 pm EST update the same night that the book releases.

Kevin the Cube Fortnite Lore


The on again, off again mysterious Kevin the Cube returns to Fortnite as a major player in Chapter 2, Season 8.

How to Craft an Enchanting Table in Minecraft

Minecraft Enchanting

Finding diamonds is exciting, but how often do you think "I'm going to make an enchanting table in Minecraft with these diamonds!"?

Returning to Team Fortress 2 in 2021

Team Fortress 2 2021

Bonk! Despite fear from my wallet, I decided to jump back into Team Fortress 2 in 2021, after nearly 5 years of sitting uninstalled.

Valheim 90 Hour Review

Valheim Review

I have been playing little bits of Valheim recently and I realized that I finally broke the 90 hour mark on the game.

Andariel Glitch in Diablo II Resurrected


Affectionately referred to as the "Andy Farm" by veteran players, the Andariel Glitch is a staple of the classic Diablo 2 experience. It's great to see Blizzard acknowledge this by allowing it to stay in the remaster.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Review

aliens: fireteam elite exploration

It's not game over, man! (At least not for our Aliens: Fireteam Elite review). I highly recommend Aliens: Fireteam Elite to anyone that is a fan of the Alien franchise and enjoys the standard third-person shooter type of gameplay.