As the end of Season 5 wraps up, what can we expect for Season 6 and beyond?

How Does the Season Transition Usually Go?

While originally having a one-day or less turnover, current seasons transition the same day as one ends, so I wouldn’t expect too much downtime.

It’s always tough to predict, but I would imagine that just like the shop, by 7pm EST on the 16th of March.


At this point in Fortnite’s career, I honestly can’t imagine what could come next.

Epic seems to always top themselves whenever I don’t think they can anymore.

While this season had some Star Wars themes, I think next season would be great if it focused solely on Star Wars just as the previous season focused on Marvel

Wrapping Up

I didn’t go too crazy on this season’s battle pass if I’m being truthful. I’m still somewhat burnt out from last season’s marvel extravaganza. That being said, I still played a good amount of this season.

While it was fun, most of the good rewards came from straight-up shop purchases. It really makes me wonder how they can continue to top the previous season in regards to the content.

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