It’s hard to believe that GTA V: Online originally launched back in 2013 on the PS3 and Xbox 360. What’s harder to believe is that 8 years later, GTA V: Online will be coming to the PS5.

In an age where video games can very quickly, is GTA V: Online still fun 8 years after release?

I started playing GTA V: Online as soon as it launched back on my Xbox 360. It was a pretty rocky launch with major connection issues, but man, once those were worked out it, was an incredibly fun experience.

The Good

GTA V: Online has no draught of content. Rockstar has consistently pumped out vehicles, weapons, houses, player clothing, and more.

In the beginning, it was an incredible feeling to finally buy a house, even if it was in the meth-lab infested trailer park that was 5 minutes of driving to the city. Now, you can purchase yachts, clubs, bunkers, an actual meth lab, and a plethora of other things.

Vehicles and weapons have gone from assault rifles and armored cars to laser-alien guns, explosive sniper rifles, tanks, jets, and hoverbikes. There is no doubt that we have gotten our $60 worth of value out of GTA V: Online.

There are well over 10 heists to complete at this point and all of them offer a great amount of depth as well as cash rewards. There are multiple ways for you and your friends to group up now, which also gives a hangout for everyone to meet up at.

Many people forget, myself included a lot of times, that GTA V also has a first-person mode. While it’s nothing incredible, it was added for free after the game’s launch and is a great way to mix things up. It can be great for a laugh to pop into first person when driving around recklessly or flying off bridges and buildings.

The Bad

While I love GTA V: Online, it’s by no means without it’s flaws.

People abusing injectors/mod menus are a huge issue on PC.

Mod menus are a pretty easy thing to come by for GTA V and unfortunately, most players don’t just use them to spawn money for personal gain.

Just one player abusing a mod menu can ruin a GTA V: Online lobby pretty quickly. Sometimes, it can be fun to see jets being spawned in the sky and falling on NPC’s, however, it can quickly turn from fun to people in god mode using automatics pistols that shoot rockets. Some mod menus have even had the ability to kick you from a lobby.

Load times and performance is still a huge issue for GTA V: Online. Long load times can be incredibly frustrating by yourself. That frustration is multiplied when trying to find friends online and having to hop multiple lobbies to join each other.

Performance, in general, is an issue with the game. While it is an incredibly massive map, even 8 years later, it’s still frustrating to not be able to have high settings across the board without worrying about big FPS dips. The performance issues don’t make the game unplayable by any means, but I do wish it ran better.

Wrapping Up

In short, to answer the original question, yes. 8 years after release, GTA V: Online is still incredibly fun and can capture my attention for hours on end without ever actually accomplishing anything.

There are still mountains of content that I’ve forgotten to mention, but if you’re looking for something to sink a lot of hours into by yourself, or with friends, GTA V: Online is still a great go-to.

Whether you are a new player or even someone who owns the game and just hasn’t been on in a few years, there is plenty of content, fun, and laughs waiting for you in GTA V: Online.

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