Fortnite No Building

Chapter 3, Season 2 adds some drastic changes to how the game is played; these are our thoughts on no building in Fortnite.

Run, jump, cover

Epic has traded in Fortnite’s robust building mechanics for new movement mechanics. The changes have been met with extreme polarization from the fanbase. However, as someone who never quite ‘got good’ at building and loves fast-paced movement in games, I adore these changes.

For those unaware, Fortnite added a new, faster sprint, and the default movement speed is what sprint was before this new season. More than that, Epic also added a new jump and vaulting. By jumping and holding the button down, players can now scale most objects in their path. This is a ton of fun to play around with, and it feels both great and fitting for the game world.

The more controversial side of this update is the removal of building, and what’s more interesting is that Epic had no prior announcement for this. The new season dropped, and building was removed. That said, building has only been removed for the first week of the season, and we’re yet to see what Epic has in store for these mechanics moving forward.

While polarizing, many players are hoping to see this mode continue to exist beyond the one-week period, and with how fundamentally it changes how you play Fortnite, we hope it sticks around too. It’s neat to see items like throwable cover working or covering fire being a thing now instead of something getting tapped for five damage and building the Effiel Tower. It’s great to use Fortnite’s robust environments as natural cover now too. It adds a lot of fresh air to the game world and the core gameplay.

Building has always been a neat, unique aspect of Fortnite, but the skill ceiling always felt too high to be enjoyable, especially with the wonky skill-based matchmaking.

Welcome back to the jungle

As with any new season in Fortnite, there are many map changes, additions, removals, and more. This time around, the I.O. has set up aircraft that players can land on all around the map. These carriers have multiple floors, hidden loot, and even I.O. guards to contend with. It’s always pretty crazy when you and a bunch of other players all drop down on the same carrier, and bullets are flying everywhere.

The loot pool is also changed, as to be expected with each new season. There are a plethora of new/unvaulted weapons this time around. My personal favorite is the Drum Shotgun and the Burst Rifle. I wish the 3rd person iteration of the Burst Rifle was available, but this one is still pretty fun.

My favorite strategy is to land on a carrier, grab some loot, hunker down and see what shots I can make from the sky. Between all the new weapons and map changes, this season truly feels unique, alongside the removal of building. It’s almost like an entirely different game but with all the skins, mayhem, and world that we all love.

Wrapping Up

Fortnite has made some tremendous strides with the changes this season. It’s nice to see that the game that pushed the envelope can still iterate on what made it unique and provide players with a completely fresh experience. This is easily the most fun I’ve had in a season in a long, long time.

Do you agree with how we’re feeling about the lack of building in Fortnite? Let us know on Twitter either way!

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