Valheim is the latest game to take the gaming community by storm. With millions of copies already sold just months after its early access release, it’s safe to say that the game isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

I, without a doubt, have gotten my money’s worth out of Valheim, but I also haven’t clocked nearly as many hours as most of the fan base has.

When I first hopped into Valheim, I was playing with a friend. We both immediately fell in love with the game, its atmosphere, and the building engine. It was fun to constantly work our way up to new tiers, discover the new content, and eventually move up to the bronze gear.

Unfortunately, that love quickly fades as we moved on from the 2nd boss. Suddenly the game felt like a chore, and our progression halted quickly. We played around with the creative mode a bit more after we started to slow down and then dropped the game and moved onto something else.

Is Valheim a Different Experience with a Large Group Instead of Solo or Co-op?

It’s pretty safe to say that multiplayer always makes a game more fun, but the question is, would a large multiplayer group make Valheim feel like less of a chore?

Recently, I was craving the gameplay again and decided to see how much less of a chore the game felt if I found a multiplayer server with a fresh map and a whole group of people to play with.

Without much effort, I was able to find a server with a discord full of people playing. The map itself was also hosted on a dedicated server that never gave me any latency issues.

It was fantastic. I had set up camp with someone who was also starting with a fresh character and went to work getting started with what knowledge I had from my first time playing.

I quickly found that the once incredibly monotonous gathering of stone and wood for a building, farming, and upgrading wasn’t nearly as bad when 4 or 5 people pitched in. This is, of course, pretty much a given that multiple people would make a grind easier, but I also had the community involvement that really makes Valheim shine.

I really don’t find Valheim to be nearly as enjoyable solo or even co-op. It really does need a group of people playing to make it constantly exciting and fun.

Suddenly, the Swamp was a breeze with longboats and 6 man expeditions to gather iron. Poison wasn’t a bad Blighttown-memory with several people working on poison resistance mead.

Overall, having the community of people working together took Valheim down a notch to be the perfect amount of survival gameplay that I personally enjoy.

Wrapping Up

Are you still enjoying Valheim? If so, let us know if you mainly play solo or with friends in the comments.

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