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Aliens: Fireteam Elite has quickly received its first major content patch in the Season 1 Update featuring a new class, weapons, armor, and more.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Season 1 Updates

There have been many new additions to Aliens: Fireteam Elite with this week’s major content patch that officially kicked off Season 1.

The biggest change is adding a new class for players to use, and the best part is that it’s 100% free for all players. That’s right; everyone who picks up Aliens: Fireteam Elite and has the latest update installed will have access to the brand new Phalanx class.

When playing as the Phalanx class, players have access to a riot shield that they can freely use at all times and an AOE shock wave that hits all enemies surrounding the player. When it comes to weapons, the Phalanx class can choose from handguns and CQW-type weapons. Personally, I’ve had the most fun running The Twinhammer pistol and Flechette SMG.

I’ve yet to try Phalanx on higher difficulties than standard. I also only hit rank IV with the class, so I haven’t been able to fully explore different builds, but the new shield mechanic, new animations, armor sets, and the fact that it was added completely for free all make the experience, as a whole, incredibly enjoyable.


Aside from an entirely new class, Season 1 also added three new weapons for all players to purchase – a Laser pistol with infinite ammo, a Minigun for the Demolisher class, and a new sniper rifle. All three weapons are purchasable from SSgt Park regardless of whether players purchased the new DLC bundle or not.

Speaking of, Cold Iron Studios has released their first batch of season pass/ independently purchasable content with the launch of Season 1 in the form of the Wey-Yu Armory Pack. This pack includes the highly coveted, beefed-up white armor set teased in the launch trailer, as well as a black and red recolor, a shore-party hat from Prometheus, a handful of weapon skins, emotes, currency, and some challenge cards to go along with it all.

The Wey-Yu Armory Pack is free for all season pass holders and is $9.99 if purchasing separately. Personally, I want to support the hard work that Cold Iron Studios have put into this title, so I’m purchasing all the DLC separately (vote with your wallets, folks).

For a video showcase of all the new armor sets, check out GameRottenHD’s video below.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Season 1 Patch Notes

Below are all the patch notes directly from Cold Iron Studios’ official website post, from the nitty-gritty percentage tweaks to the more exciting content additions.


We have implemented the following changes.


New Phalanx Kit:

  • Marine Phalanxes are named for their collapsible shields, which allow them to serve as mobile bunkers. As one arm is needed to hold the shield up, they are armed with a Handgun and CQW, both of which can be wielded in one hand. When swarmed, they can trigger a point-blank Shock Pulse to disrupt foes.
  • Free for all players.
  • Unlocks immediately when players log in after Season 1 is active.
  • Includes the full suite of Perks for Phalanx, all obtainable through gameplay.

New additions to SSgt Park’s Armory:

  • Four New Weapons:
    • L33 Pike – Rifle.
    • L59 Minigun – Heavy.
    • Type 88 Heavy Assault Rifle – Rifle.
    • N79 EVA Laser – Handgun.
  • Two New Gun Colorways:
    • Fleck Camo Autumn.
    • Marble Gray.
  • Two New Gun Decals:
    • Nuke From Orbit.
    • Nostromo.
  • One New Head Accessory:
    • Cowboy Hat – Straw.


Now available in-game for all owners of the Deluxe Edition or for individual purchase for $9.99.

12 Kit Skins:

  • 6 Weyland-Yutani Skins (One for each Kit).
  • 6 Weyland-Yutani Spec Ops Skins (One for each Kit)  .
  • Skins for the Phalanx are included.

4 Weapon Decals:

  • Nostromo Wings.
  • There They Are.
  • Wey Yu Sticker, Worn.
  • Building Better Worlds.

4 Head Accessories:

  • Weyland-Yutani Surface Expedition.
  • Weyland-Yutani Cap.
  • Weyland-Yutani EVA Helmet.
  • Weyland-Yutani EVA SpecOps Helmet.

4 Weapon Colorways:

  • Geode Blue
  • Weyland-Yutani Operative.
  • Weyland-Yutani Executive.
  • Marble Black Gold.

4 Emotes:

  • Air Guitar.
  • Thumbs Up – Double.
  • Metal.
  • Finger Guns.

Additional Items:

  • 3 Challenge Card Packs.
  • 3 Consumables Pack.
  • Credit Pack:
    • 12,000 Requisition Credits.
    • 750 Reputation Scrip.


Starting with this update, all weapons will level up as intended. Up to this point, all level-based benefits were being applied immediately, despite the weapon not having unlocked them yet.

  • So that we don’t negatively affect current players, we will be setting all currently owned weapons to max level for all character accounts created up to the implementation of this patch. Enjoy your 4 star guns!
  • Due to the above change, along with assessing live progression speeds for weapons, we will also be lowering the XP requirements for each weapon rank. Guns will now reach max rank (4 stars) with the same amount of XP it used to take to reach 3 stars.


  • Fix for audio issue with flamethrowers being used on players and bots at the same time.
  • Fix for issue where sfx were not playing when collecting First Aid Kits.
  • Fix for issue where all player sfx would be missing when leaving a queued mission.
  • Fix for  issue where VO of Intel and mission Ready Up screen play simultaneously.
  • Fix for music issues in Campaign Four
  • Fix audio issue where the revival recipient would also play the “revival” VO.
  • Fixed a bug where automatic weapons’ gunfire sound could sometimes get stuck on a loop


  • Fixed a bug where Hoenikker could be “insta-killed” on difficulties that allow for insta-kills (Extreme, Insane)
  • Trauma Station: Hook up error message and widget flash for attempting to use when out of energy.
  • Fixed a bug where charge based abilities didn’t benefit from Cooldown Reduction Perks.


  • Fixed multiple places across the game where players could get stuck in the world geometry.
  • Fixed multiple places across the game where players traverse, but enemies could not reach them.


  • Added descriptions to currency in mission wrap-up screen.
  • Added additional, specific “rewards earned” messaging.
  • Additional credits added to the Credits screen.
  • Added specific message on Campaign screen if a map has not fully downloaded yet.
  • Updated translations.


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing players from unlocking Horde Mode and the Recon Kit after completing the campaign prior to this patch.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent progression in Horde Mode.
  • Fixed a bug where some players were not being awarded the Specialist Elite Kit Skin appropriately upon reaching Rank 8. Affected players who had already reached Rank 8 should now have the respective Skin unlocked automatically upon logging in after the implementation of this patch.
  • Fixed bug where wireframe shapes would sometimes appear around players.
  • Achievements – “Nukes, Knives, AND Sharp Sticks” will now properly unlock after attaching all three attachments instead of only one.
  • General performance improvements
  • General bug fixing and stability improvements.
  • The Knife Trick Emote is now available at SSgt Park’s Armory.”

Wrapping Up

Having such a large chunk of post-launch content release so quickly, for such a low price, and have only the cosmetics cost money is fantastic to see for the player base and fantastic to see from a developer standpoint. I really can’t say enough good things about Cold Iron Studios right now. Whether they continue to support the title like this or not, they’ve done enough of a great job already for me to be satisfied.

So, what do you think of Aliens: Fireteam Elite Season 1 update? Let us know in the comments below.

For everything else Aliens, Colonial Marines, and fanboying over Cold Iron Studios, keep it here.

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