Depending on how much you liked or disliked the Fat Imposter Mod, you are absolutely going to love (or hate) the Among Us Workout Imposter Mod!

What is the Workout Imposter Mod?

Among Us Workout Imposter Mod

With the Workout Imposter Mod, you can pump iron to gain muscle mass which lets you pick up other crewmembers, jump rope around the map.

It’s worth noting that all players will be able to work out with this mod. This means all crewmates can run on the treadmill, lift weights, arms wrestle one another, and more to increase their muscle mass meter.

As the muscle mass meter fills, players will see their avatar gain definition, and this will unlock more abilities for them to use during the play session. These include push-ups, Burpees, picking up other players, and more.

Jump rope is another ability that eventually becomes available and allows players to run really fast around the map. Players can have lift-offs in weight lifting competitions by choosing to enter the weight lifting arena as well.

As the Imposter, players will be able to put down poison protein, which can be picked up by other players and kills them. This will appear as a normal protein shake to other crewmates, so they won’t see it coming.

Another ability Imposters have is setting force Wins, which means you will always win arm-wrestling and weight lifting challenges regardless of how much muscle mass you have.

It’s great to see a mod that allows all players to participate in the modded content like this, and, as a fan of RPG mechanics, it’s great to see layered content like this being toyed around with in the modding community.

Adding exclusive Imposter abilities on top of all this is another great touch from the mod authors.

As I always say, it’s fantastic to see the modding community constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in lobbies in Among Us. I’m always excited to see what new mod is coming out and what the authors have been able to do with the game mechanics.

Hopefully, we get to see Innersloth start adopting some of these mechanics and really stepping up what’s possible for Among Us moving forward.

For a full breakdown of the Fat Imposter Mod, check out SSundee’s video below.

How to Download the Workout Imposter Mod

As per usual, with nearly all of the fun-looking Among Us mods, there is no known download link for this mod, so you will have to find a lobby with the mod installed to join in on the fun.

As soon as it becomes available, we will let you guys know. So, stay tuned!

Wrapping Up

Are you a fan of the Workout Imposter Mod? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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