The on-again, off-again mysterious Kevin the Cube returns to Fortnite as a major player in Chapter 2, Season 8.

Who, or What, is Kevin the Cube?

Kevin the Cube originally made its mysterious debut back in Season 5. Kevin appeared after a series of lightning strikes from a crack in the sky that repeatedly struck an area near Paradise Palms. Slowly, Kevin began to roll toward Loot Lake, destroying everything in its path in the process. As Kevin moved, it left behind runes on the ground. These runes reduced gravity for players and objects, and they also summoned mini cube monsters around the area.

It is a giant purple cube with an animated, swirling texture. Kevin made a goopyish noise when struck with the player’s pickaxe. Unfortunately, striking it with a pickaxe also sent players flying backward through the air, even killing them if the fall was high enough.

Kevin eventually made its way over to Loot Lake, where it, seemingly, dissolved and turned the lake into a bouncy, purple goop with properties similar to the Cube itself.

Season 6

Kevin returned in Season 6 at the very bottom of the lake and took the entire area into the sky with it.

After some time, Kevin began moving the floating island around the map to all of the areas where runes were printed in the previous Season.

After gathering energy from all the previously printed runes, Kevin returned to Loot Lake and placed the floating island back above the area. At this point, a giant portal began forming above Loot Lake, which grew until the entire island was fully covered.

Once the island was fully covered, Kevin exploded the floating island and sent fragments across the map. From these fragments, cube monsters were spawned for players to kill before they killed them.

Following this event, Kevin began forming cracks all over its surface, which dripped liquid. Once all the fluid was leaked, Kevin began to spin and flash before splitting apart. After this occurred, players were teleported into the In-Between area.

After a set period, butterfly rifts appeared and began rescuing players still alive within the In-Between. Upon completing this event, players were treated to a cutscene and returned to a map that was restored to its normal appearance.

Season X

Kevin later returned briefly in Season X. An alternate reality that bled into the island saw Kevin, attached to his floating island, circling the map before disappearing.

Chapter 2: Season 5

A while before we saw Kevin again, he made a brief appearance in Chapter 2: Season 5. The Bridge area of the map seemed to be using panels that look eerily similar to Kevin from prior seasons. It’s worth noting that the IO used this technology to control both the Zero Point and The Loop.

This is yet another interaction between the Cube entities and the Loop-based entities.

Chapter 2: Season 6

Check out randomChievos’ video below showcasing the changes Kevin has seen across the different seasons.

Again, in Chapter 2: Season 6, we see hints of Kevin.

The Spire Artifacts emit runes that look strangely similar to the ones Kevin produced in the past.

Chapter 2: Season 7

The Mothership from Chapter2: Season 7 used the power from Kevin to destroy the Spire.

A mini version of Kevin can be found alive in the science lab section of The Bridge. IO agents can also be seen playing with it here.

The season finale event had a lot to do with Kevin and his cube compatriots. During the Sky Fire event, The Last Reality was shown to have possession of Kevin in one of its rooms. Doctor Sloane ends up deactivating Kevin and arms the bomb on the Mothership.

The Loopers then reboot Kevin turning him a vibrant blue color. Kevin’s transformation caused the room to ascend into a chamber containing thousands more dormant cubes looking identical to Kevin’s original form. There was also a Golden Cube at the center of this room, the same one seen on the map in Chapter 2: Season 8.

Once the bomb detonated, Kevin and all its cube brethren, alongside remnants of the ship, were showered all over the island.

Return of the Cube

Kevin and the rest of the cubes from the Mothership have taken center in Chapter 2: Season 8.

They are a big focus of the story, and all the different cubes interact differently around the map and with players.

Check out randomChievos’ video below showing off all the new cubes across the island.

Wrapping Up

That’s all the lore we have so far on the enigmatic Kevin, but stay tuned for any more news and info that pops up throughout this Season of content.

Epic puts great effort into their worldbuilding and making sure that things sort of always fit together and make sense, despite how wacky the game may seem at times. I applaud the effort that goes into the story planning.

Epic has found a way to craft a robust narrative for those who enjoy story elements and one that also doesn’t require any attention at all if players aren’t interested. That’s a tough line to tow, but I think Epic has done a great job of it.

What do you think of Kevin’s return? How are you enjoying Season 8 so far?

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