Valheim Hearth And Home

Iron Gate studios has released a teaser video featuring some of the new Hearth and Home ingredients and items. They are doing a great job of keeping the new content under wraps and slowly feeding us new info as we near closer to the patch drop date.

What Are the New Ingredients?

Raw meat has now been broken into 3 different types of cooked and raw meat. Wolf, Boar, and Deer meat will be their own items now.

We will have a new plant with the update to plant and harvest, onions! I am sure they will be able to be cooked and be used in other recipes as well.

We will have some cooking-related crafting stations now with the butcher’s block. The pots and pans and spice rack shown in the video are most likely crafting station upgrades that you will be able to make.

The stone oven will be a new station used to bake bread and pies as well.

Bukeberries will be a new item that will let you reset your currently fed buffs.

Valheim Hearth and Home

How to Use the New Ingredients?

A lot of the new items and ingredients focus on cooking, which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise given the patch’s name. I think it’s safe to say that the onions will be planted and farmed much like carrots are in the game. I would imagine Bukeberries will be found in the wild like blueberries as well.

The new butcher’s block and stone oven will no doubt operate much like other crafting stations in the game. They will also add a great new depth to the time spent indoors!

Check out the official ingredient video from Iron Gate below.

Wrapping Up

Are you ready to feel a lot more homely inside your Viking base? We sure are! Let us know which of the upcoming Hearth and Home Ingredients you’re looking forward to the most in the comments below!

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