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The 7th anniversary has finally dropped on Global Dokkan, and with that comes some powerful new characters that lead some new teams as well as add a huge buff to preexisting ones.

The need to know

  • LR SS4 Goku and SS4 Vegeta lead 200% teams if the units meet the conditions of their leader skill.
  • LR SS4 Goku and Vegeta Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +170% for Fused Fighters and GT Heroes; additionally, they offer another 30% boost to units that also fall under the Kamehameha category. Keep this in mind when assembling your teams.
  • Players will want to prioritize building up the LRs on each rotation, focusing primarily on linking partners and support units.

Going even further beyond

The Year 7 LRs are absolute powerhouses that will carry players through a lot of difficult content, both old and new. What makes them even more impressive is that they are still pushing content over on the Japanese version of Dokkan, which is well into a sixth-month lead in terms of content. Historically, these two LRs are aging better than any previous anniversary units.

So, what can players do to build solid teams that will carry them through some of Dokkan’s most challenging content?

Well, there are a few key things to keep in mind when building new teams for these LRs. Players will want to build directly around the new units, as offensively and defensively, they are the core of their teams. So, players should keep in mind that their rotations will each be focused on the SS4s if they’re running the GT Heroes or Fused Fighter team. That is to say, utilizing the friend unit leader is key.

Having two copies of the new LRs on each rotation, especially considering they stack attack and defense on supers, will make most events trivial. These units are as close to broken as it gets.

Team building for success

The key to these new teams is solid support. The new anniversary units themselves can tank and deal out tremendous damage, so all players need to really focus on are units that will buff the team.

team set up ss4

Here, we have the SS4s as the team lead, with LR SS4 AGL Goku, STR EZA SS4 Goku, AGL Gotenks, TEQ GT Gohan and Goten, and PHY SS GT Goku.

The main attackers here will be the LR SS4 duo on both rotations. Ideally, players will want to pair each one with an SS4 Goku, as they are some of the SS4 duo’s best-linking partners. From there, it’s recommended to float Gotenks, the GT Gohan and Goten, and PHY SS Goku as these three units will be supporting your main attackers.

The attackers are pretty straightforward, but why have we chosen these specific support units? Let’s break it down.

agl gotenks 7th year team

AGL Gotenks is ideal because he provides a massive 40% boost to Time Limit category units, as well as three ki. Another benefit is that he has a chance to either crit or do an additional attack depending on how many enemies are engaged. It is worth noting that this Gotenks will not get the full 200% lead boost as he does not fall under the Kamehameha category.

This Gotenks will provide a massive boost to the LR SS4 units.

gt goten and gohan 7 year support

GT Gohan and Goten are the all around support for an GT Heores team that players may be running. These guys provide an enormous 40% buff as well as three additional ki to annlies within that category. These units will buff all members of a GT Heroes team. A great floater, these two will provide your GT units with even more stat boosts to help with those tougher events. As with Gotenks, however, these two will not receive the full 200% stat boost, but they work so well with GT units, they area must have on the team.


This Goku is a great unit overall, and it’s only a plus that he adds free PHY ki orbs to any rotation he falls on. This is doubly so with the new LR SS4 Goku and Vegeta as they are PHY units that get even more stat buffs based on how many PHY orbs they pick up in a rotation. Beyond that, this Goku gets buffed from the other support unit as well as self-buffing based on how many GT Heoroes are attacking in the same turn.

An orb changer that provides self-buffed defense with decent attack stats is a great all rounder for the GT Heroes team.

For a visual breakdown, check out ToonRami’s great video on the GT Team below:

Wrapping up

My first team in Dokkan was Shadow Dragons Saga, so seeing all the GT love lately makes me incredibly happy. I love SS4 from a design standpoint, and I love that the dev team on Dokkan really went all out and made the anniversary units this year something truly special.

Let us know what you think about this team build, what you’re going with, and if you have a strategy that works even better than this; we’d love to hear from you.

For more on Dokkan, keep it right here, and give us a shout out over on Twitter @dayonegames.

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