The hype for Dokkan’s anniversary is always high, and this year especially with the announcement of the new 7th anniversary LR units.

The unit hype begins

Anniversaries are the biggest events in Dokkan and there is always a swath of hype whenever new information appears about them.

For Dokkan Battle’s 7th anniversary, Akatsuki decided to create some really impressive units, and that’s taking into consideration last year’s UI Goku and SSBE Vegeta.

This time around, we have two dual-character units – SS4 Vegeta and Goku, and SSG Vegeta and Goku. One thing is certain, the artwork is phenomenal for these cards.

7th Anniversary SS4 Goku and Vegeta into SS4 Gogeta Unit

Based on what we can see in the artwork reveals, it appears ss4 Vegeta and Goku can transform into SS4 Gogeta. Sadly, SSG Vegeta and Goku don’t seem to have a fusion mechanic, but they do ascend to SSGSS, as seen in their iconic, albeit short-lived Dragon Ball Super: Broly dual attack.

From what we can infer here, it seems as though Dokkan is stepping to the plate and calling out Dragon Ball Legends which is the latest successful Dragon Ball mobile game on the market, and one that has shared much comparison to Dokkan since its release.

7th Anniversary SSG Goku and Vegeta into SSGSS Goku and Vegeta Unit

There were some other card arts revealed alongside the new anniversary LRs, and these could be hints at potential free-to-play cards or banner side units. Check out Dokkan World’s video below for some quick coverage on the new 7th anniversary LRs, as well as a sneak peak at some of the newly announced free-to-play units:

Wrapping up

January is always a crazy time for Dokkan. The anniversary leaks come out, the new LR units get announced, and the entire fanbase is ecstatic. While we global players won’t be seeing any of this for about another six months, it’s great to have some compelling content to look forward to and save our dragon stones for. We can’t wait to see even more info as it is announced for the anniversary and the new LRs.

What were your expectations for the 7th anniversary LRs? Are you excited, or are you bummed out by Akatsuki’s character choices here? Let us know how you feel over @dayonegames, or drop us some comments below!

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