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Among us meets the Avengers in one of the best looking mods yet.

What is the Iron Man Mod?

This time around, the imposter get to play as Iron Man.

When playing as Iron Man, you can fly around the map and use Iron Man’s repulsor beams to take out crewmates. Iron Man can also shoot rockets and blind players with a flash-bang type ability.

When you spawn as Iron Man, you have the ability to suit up, and once you suit up, you don the Iron Man armor and have the Energy Ball, which blinds, Missle which is self-explanatory, and Laser, which is Iron Man’s iconic repulsor blast. It’s also worth noting that the Laser ability can kill multiple players if they’re hit by it.

Another interesting feature is the ability to zoom out and see more of the map, which offers a huge advantage to Iron Man’s kit.

While clearly not the most balanced mod, I think this offers a few matches’ worth of fun to change things up. Again, it’s also great to see the Among Us community.

For a video showcase, check out Ssundee’s showcase below.

How to Play the Iron Man Mod

As usual with the Among Us mod scene, these aren’t available for public download yet. So, in order to experience the content, you’ll need to find a lobby with the mod already installed until you can download it for yourself.

For everything else Among Us, keep it here.

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