Our first major update for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is finally here, and keeping with the alien theme, we are having one Cosmic Summer!

You can check out the official Fortnite post on the update here.

Cosmic Summer

Cosmic Summer

The Fortnite Cosmic Summer Update brings more than your usual celebration, as well as a lot of free content available from quests. So that means free xp, rewards, and more.

There are a set of new quests that are under the Cosmic Summer Quest tab. These award new skins, emotes, loading screens, and more for now, with more to come until the 5th of July. Be sure to get everything done before these go away!

The Summer Legends Pack is also available for purchase in the shop for $15.99. This will get you a summer-themed Zoey, Peely, and Fable skin as well as back blings to match.

There is also a Cosmic Summer-themed tab in the shop that rotates old shop items in daily that fit the Cosmic Summer theme. Be sure to check in daily in case any old character skins emerge that you may have missed!

Most importantly, with this update, you can drop at the newly decorated Believer Beach and get your part on with some alien-themed swag scattered about.

Wrapping Up

This update fits in great with the season theme so far and gets me excited to see what else they do this season to keep in theme. Plus, it’s something to do to hold me over until that sweet Superman skin launches.

What do you think of the new Summer-themed content? Are you excited about the new skins and back blings? Which ones will you be going for, and will you be getting the Legends pack? Let us know in the comments below!

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