Fortnite has come at us all out of nowhere with yet another random character announcement.

This time its Horizon Zero Dawn ‘s very own Alloy. Known for her bow-action, Alloy will fit right in with this season’s theme.

Check out the E3 trailer from 2016 to see Alloy in Horizon Zero Dawn.


  • To be released

We don’t have a price yet for Alloy, but I am sure it will be around the usual 2,000 price tag when bundled with a glider or harvesting tool.

We’ll be sure to provide an update when the skin releases.

Wrapping Up

As always, Fortnite‘s art style works incredibly well with this character. It blows my mind every time that, no matter the genre the character is from, they always look incredible when they’re added to the game.

Alloy is certainly unexpected, but without a doubt a treat to many Playstation owners and Horizon Zero Dawn fans.

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