The new Fortnite Impossible Escape LTM can be played in PVE or PVP mode that is a mix-up from your normal Fortnite battle royale.

You can check out the official LTM post from the Fortnite crew here.

How Does Impossible Escape LTM+ Work?

Impossible Escape LTM is a new twist on the battle royale mode that we all know and love. The map is meant to take place after a squads match in which you awake confused and alone.

You need to meet up with team mates, squad up, and recover parts to repair a helicopter to escape.

I love the concept of this game mode, however, it does feel a bit empty. It has all the crafting that season 6 has brought us but very few weapons and drops.

If this were to become a permanent game mode, it would need a lot more refinement. The new mode is fun enough as is, but it clearly lacks the deopth required from a full-time mode.

If Epic were to put the time and effort into a PVE mode the same way they do with BR, it would undoubtedly be a ton of fun.

Fortnite does have a Save the World PVE game mode, but it’s dated and doesn’t have the polish of BR. I would love to see that brought up to speed or a refined PVE mode similar to this mode.

Check out the official trailer below.

Wrapping Up

The new Impossible Escape LTM mode is without a doubt in the direction that I wish Fornite would go. I would enjoy a PVE mode in Fortnite that I could relax in to enjoy all of my skins and loot.

Here’s hoping that this trend is a start of something good for Fortnite.

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