Fortnite has started a new event that will change weekly, which is probably why they are calling them Wild Weeks.

It looks like every week there will be new events tied into the theme of whatever the Wild Week is as well as tweaked gameplay.

In these Wild Weeks, we will see increased weapon and item drops of certain categories of items, reintroduced items that have been vaulted, and other changes involving the general game’s mechanics.

The first Wild Week will be focusing on fire.

Fire weapons and items will drop in greater number and wreak havoc to all who like building.

Fans of the flare gun will also be excited, as it is making its return for this week only.

Check out the official introduction for Wild Weeks.

Wrapping Up

Sick of everyone building their way to victory? This week is your time to bring the fire and ruin everyone’s creations.

For everything else Fortnite, keep it here.

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