Fortnite has dropped yet another new item this season, and keeping with this season’s love for bows, we have a new modified bow.

The grappler bow comes as an exotic bow that can be purchased from Lara Croft in Stealthy Stronghold. It is somewhat similair to the grappler but gets you to where you’re going quicker.

The common strategy here seems to be that you use the bow to grapple to an enemy and then switch to something strong and close up, like a shotgun or RPG, and do some serious damage.

Check out Release-Fire‘s summary of how to get and use the new Grappler Bow below.

Wrapping Up

I really wasn’t a fan of bows at the start of this season, but my love for them quickly changed after discovering the different modifications that you could craft. I think the Grappler Bow is a great addition to this season.

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