In true Chapter 2 Season 6 fashion, we have yet another bow in Fortnite! This time, its the Unstable Bow.

The Unstable Bow can be purchased from Rebirth Raven near Sweaty Sands. I think it’s really cool that they add many of these new exotics and allow you to purchase every time from NPC’s. It changes up the formula a bit in a good way.

The Unstable Bow takes all of the fun bows and combines them. It has a chance to spawn either fire damage, stink, shockwave, or explosive damage similar to grenade damage. The RNG element is a nice touch to the weapon that makes it feel really unique.

Check out EveryDay FN‘s video going over where to get the bow as well as a demonstration of how it works.

Wrapping Up

How many more bows can Epic Games squeeze into this season? We will find out in the weeks to come!

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