Fortnite Wild Week 2 is underway now and we have a new theme taking over the map.

Wild Week 2

The theme for Fortnite Wild Week 2 is fishing, which is certainly odd, yet also fitting for this season so far.

It may seem odd at first, but it certainly fits into the theme of scouring the land for items, upgrades, weapons, and ammo.

Taking it one step further, players can now grab some really unique fish, as well as some very helpful weapons.

You can check out the official post from the Fortnite Team here.

Fortnite-Wild Weeks-Fishing

Fishing spots will be more frequent and last longer during Fortnite Wild Week 2, and also give rare fish and weapons more often.

Players will want to track down as many of these new fish as they can, as some of these can be the difference between a win and a loss.

More than just rare fish, players are also unable to grab some rare weapons from fishing in certain spots. And, as with the fish noted above, these weapons can, sometimes, be the difference between winning or losing an encounter.

The benefits extend beyond combat though, as many long-time players will be aware. Filing out your fishing journal can net players tons of XP and is a great way to complete challenges and level up.

This will be great for anyone trying to fill out their fishing collection or get tons of XP from fishing missions they haven’t started yet.

Wild Week 2 will last until May 20th, be sure to get your fish on until then.

Wrapping Up

How are you enjoying the new Wild Week changes so far? Have you caught any of the new fish, or scrounged up any amazing weapons from the new fishing spots? Let us know in the comments!

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