This week’s Gears 5 update see the long awaited reworking of the Re-Up system.

Alongside that, take a look at what else is new this week in Gears 5.

Re-Up Changes

Gears 5 has finally gotten around to reworking the rewards for the Re-Up system.

Players have been anxious for a long time for some reworking of these rewards. From Launch until now, all you would get for Re- Upping (hitting rank 100 and resetting back to rank 1) was 1 weapon skin per Re-Up. This was not received well, as in past games you were rewarded with entire weapon skin sets, and even character skins, in some cases, based on the number of times you Re-Upped.

So, TC has decided to rework the system and change how rewards are distributed. This includes multiple weapon skins per Re-Up, for the first few ranks, anyway, as well as a really nice looking Marcus and Kantus skin for Re-Up ranks 20 and 49, respectively.

This really isn’t a huge change here, honestly. They added a few more skins per level, in the early ranks, but it quickly returns to 1 skin per rank. Sadly, that goes with the theme of Gears 5‘s post-launch life. It’s something of a mess at best, and disorganized at a management level at worst.

That said, I think the new skins they did take the time to create and add look good, and free content is always welcomed, especially when they didn’t have to do this.

Re-Up Rewards List

Re-up 0
(1st BloodSpray)
Desert camo Lancer, Gnasher and Snub & 1st Bloodspray

Re-up 1
Desert camo Talon
Desert camo Hammerburst, Boltok and Claw

Re-up 2
Desert camo Enforcer
Desert camo Overkill, Enforcer & EMBAR

Re-up 3
Desert camo Retro Lancer
Desert camo Retro Lancer, Longshot and Markza

Re-up 4
Desert camo Snub
Desert camo Torque Bow, Breaker Mace and Boomshot

Re-up 5
Desert camo Markza
Desert camo Talon, Lancer GL and Dropshot

Re-up 6
Desert camo Dropshot
GET SOME! Lancer, Gnasher and Snub

Re-up 7
Desert camo Overkill
GET SOME! Hammerburst, Boltok and Claw

Re-up 8
Desert camo Lancer
GET SOME! Overkill, Enforcer & EMBAR

Re-up 9
Desert camo EMBAR
GET SOME! Retro Lancer, Longshot and Markza

Re-up 10
Desert camo LancerGL
GET SOME! Torque Bow, Breaker Mace and Boomshot

Re-up 11
Desert camo Breaker Mace
GET SOME! Talon, Lancer GL and Dropshot

Re-up 12
Desert camo Boomshot
Team ICE Snub

Re-up 13
Desert camo Longshot
Team ICE Breaker Mace

Re-up 14
Desert camo Hammerburst
Team ICE Markza

Re-up 15
Desert camo Boltok
Team ICE Hammerburst

Re-up 16
Desert camo Torque Bow
Team ICE Overkill

Re-up 17
Desert camo Claw
Team ICE Boomshot

Re-up 18
Art Deco Retro Lancer
Team ICE Torque Bow

Re-up 19
Desert camo Gnasher

Re-up 20
Heroic Marcus

Re-up 21
GET SOME! Hammerburst
Team ICE Claw

Re-up 22
GET SOME! Enforcer
Team ICE Talon

Re-up 23
GET SOME! Retro Lancer
Team ICE Boltok

Re-up 24
Team ICE Longshot

Re-up 25
GET SOME! Markza
Team ICE Gnasher

Re-up 26
GET SOME! Dropshot
Team ICE Lancer GL

Re-up 27
GET SOME! Overkill
Team ICE Retro Lancer

Re-up 28
Team ICE Dropshot

Re-up 29
Team ICE Enforcer

Re-up 30
GET SOME! Lancer
Team ICE Lancer

Re-up 31
GET SOME! Breaker Mace
Heroic Ascendant Enforcer

Re-up 32
GET SOME! Longshot
Heroic Ascendant Breaker Mace

Re-up 33
Heroic Ascendant Markza

Re-up 34
GET SOME! Boltok
Heroic Ascendant Dropshot

Re-up 35
GET SOME! Torque Bow
Heroic Ascendant Overkill

Re-up 36
Heroic Ascendant Boomshot

Re-up 37
GET SOME! Gnasher
Heroic Ascendant Claw

Re-up 38
Team ICE Enforcer
Heroic Ascendant Talon

Re-up 39
Team ICE Breaker Mace
Heroic Ascendant Boltok

Re-up 40
Team ICE Markza
Heroic Ascendant Gnasher

Re-up 41
Team ICE Dropshot
Heroic Ascendant Longshot

Re-up 42
Team ICE Overkill
Heroic Ascendant EMBAR

Re-up 43
Team ICE Boomshot
Heroic Ascendant Lancer GL

Re-up 44
Team ICE Torque Bow
Heroic Ascendant Retro Lancer

Re-up 45
Team ICE Claw
Heroic Ascendant Hammerburst

Re-up 46
Team ICE Talon & Boltok
Heroic Ascendant Scorcher

Re-up 47
Team ICE Longshot & EMBAR
Heroic Ascendant Torque Bow

Re-up 48
Team ICE Lancer GL, Hammerburst & Retro Lancer
Heroic Ascendant Lancer & Snub

Re-up 49
Team ICE Lancer, Gnasher & Snub
Heroic Kantus

Weekly Store Updates

Here are some noteworthy additions to this week’s shop.

I’m really excited to see the return of Young Marcus, a skin that was only ever in Gears of War: Judgement until now. I purchased this right away, and I think they did a fantastic job with it.

It’s also nice to see Civilian Anya making a return as well. It’s great to see those classic Gears of War 3 skins making a return.

I’m indifferent to the Winter Armor skins, but it is nice to see Young Sam return in the same way Civilian Anya is a welcomed roster addition.

Previously, you were only able to get this version of Sam in a premium store bundle, so it’s nice to see them finally adding it to the shop for coins.

Wrapping Up

Are you excited for the Re-Up changes, and what rank are you right now? Let us know in the comments below

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