League of Legends has dropped a new champion announcement today. Gwen: The Hallowed Seamstress will be joining the fray in one of the original MOBAs.

Trailer Breakdown

In the trailer, Gwen totes different Pinocchio-esque voice lines; it’s implied that she was brought to life by a magical seamstress that she has now taken the persona of. But who really plays a League of Legend character for the lore anyway?

If you are actually interested in Gwen’s lore though, check out the “Made with Love” champion video here.

Gwen’s play-style looks to play pretty quickly and involve a giant pair of scissors. So much for not running with scissors I guess.

There is no official drop date for Gwen yet, but League of Legends fan can expect to have more information drop in the weeks to come.

Check out the official gameplay trailer.

Wrapping Up

It’s odd, yet nostalgic, to see League of Legends trending again with the release of this new hero.

Seeing this reminds me that I still associate League of Legends with the original F2P major game model when it became popular around 2010. I never thought it would have become what it is today.

Will you be checking out Gwen when she drops? Let us know in the comments below!

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