The newest announcement to the Caves and Cliffs Update for Minecraft is a less exciting one today. It was announced that the update would be split into two updates for a plethora of reasons.

The official announcement can be read here from Minecraft ‘s site.

Citing both employee health reasons and technical difficulties, the Cave and Cliffs Updates is being split in two with a pretty big gap between releases.

The first Cliffs and Caves update will drop this summer, bringing us our first taste of the new content. After that, the second update will drop sometime in winter.

This is especially disappointing for people who were already speculating the next content update after the Cliffs and Caves Update, now putting anything after that to be released well over a year from now.

You can check out Agnes and Henrik talk about this announcement below.

Wrapping Up

While this is disappointing that the content will be stretched out nearly another year, summer is coming quick, so that means part one of the update will be here soon!

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