Mojang recently answered some fan questions about Minecraft and it’s soon-to-be Caves and Cliffs update.

In the interview, it was asked if we would see copper tools and armor, unfortunately, the answer was a little vague, but below is what we know.


@MK_ALN9 on twitter asked “Can you make tools and armors from copper?”


With an initial joke about the green texture that copper gets from the devs, Cory Scheviak, Gameplay Developer, answered more directly. Cory says that they want every item and block that they add to the game to have value. They don’t want to just devalue copper as this unique building item by making it a mid-level tool and amour tier. However, they say that there is plenty of potential for the future for copper tools and armor

My Thoughts

Honestly, I find their answer to the question to be a pretty business-tier answer. Their answer, to me, screams that they don’t want to devote the resources to make the new items and armor. By saying that there is potential for this to happen in the future, it just says that they don’t really care about devaluing copper blocks, more so they don’t want to devote time and resources right now away from other ideas to make this happen.

This is a pretty straight answer that we will not see copper tools and armor during this expansion. This really is a shame as adding the new ore just screamed new tools and armor to me. Whenever I think of other ores and metals in Minecraft, I automatically assume new tools and armor to accompany them.

Check out the entire Ask Mojang video below.

Wrapping Up

The first part of the Caves and Cliffs update is slated for summer. Hopefully that means early summer and it’s right around the corner!

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