It wouldn’t be a day ending in “Y” if we didn’t have a Minecraft snapshot! Today’s snapshot focuses on some ore changes and cave spawning changes mainly.

Changes in 21w17a

  • Small dripleaves can now also be placed on moss blocks
  • Copper ore drops 2-3 raw copper when mined, or more when using a tool enchanted with Fortune
  • Copper blocks are now crafted from 9 copper ingots
  • Tweaked the texture of raw metal blocks

Minecraft Snapshot 21w17a Texture Comparison 

Changes to the Caves & Cliffs Preview

Minecraft Snapshot 21w17a Noodle Caves 

  • Large Ore Veins have been tweaked
  • Added thinner, squigglier, and more claustrophobic variant of spaghetti caves

Large Ore Veins

  • Ore veins are now slightly rarer and slightly smaller (but they are still large!)
  • The ores in the vein are clumpier and less evenly distributed
  • If you are lucky you may find a raw ore block in the vein

Bugs fixed in 21w17a

  • MC-170443 Banner copying recipe ignores existence of other items in crafting grid
  • MC-187664 World border uses float to determine its size, making some border sizes inaccessible, and cannot be set to 30 million or beyond
  • MC-201269 Constantly teleporting player to a phantom crashes the game/kicks the player
  • MC-203570 Candles aren’t grouped in the recipe book
  • MC-203745 Repeated teleport between dimensions causes the entity to duplicate on the client
  • MC-204031 Waxed Cut Copper (any level of weathered) have two separate recipes in the recipe book
  • MC-214187 Void platform generates multiple times
  • MC-214735 Horse disappears when dying while riding it and reloading the world while it’s unloaded
  • MC-214838 Big dripleaf stem remains after breaking a stem or leaf above it
  • MC-214865 Floating islands world type generates extreme terrain
  • MC-219155 Fishing line only starts on half distance between the fishing rod and bobber (Apple M1 only)
  • MC-219840 You cannot unlock the recipe for Mossy Stone Bricks
  • MC-219842 Recipes for mossy cobblestone and mossy stone bricks aren’t grouped
  • MC-220033 (Parity issue) Hanging Roots can’t be waterlogged
  • MC-221560 Copper/Coal Ore in Deepslate Patches aren’t Deepslate Ores
  • MC-222008 Empty/missing template pool error grammar mistake
  • MC-222520 Raw and Ore smelting previews aren’t grouped together
  • MC-223055 Amethyst buds and cluster have an unused blockstate
  • MC-223792 Shrinking world border with center past x/z 29999983 crashes the game

Check out wattles’ coverage of the new changes below.

My Thoughts

The texture changes are very minor and not too noticeable, but I do feel that the fact that they keep tweaking them shows how excited the art department is about this new content.

I think the newly tweaked spaghetti caves look really cool and it will change the formula up for cave diving. With a ton of Minecraft ‘ s gameplay taking place underground, this formula change up could breathe a huge breath of fresh air for a lot of people.

Wrapping Up

Do these spaghetti caves have you hungry for the Caves and Cliffs Update? The summer can’t come soon enough!

For more on Minecraft, keep it here.

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