During the Pokemon Day, 25th anniversary edition, stream a new title was announced in the Pokemon franchise. Pokemon Legends: Arceus was announced as what appears to be an open-world, real-time game.

Release Date

The game has a release timeline of “Early 2022,” so we’ll be waiting a bit before we get to experience this new addition to the franchise.

I would expect this to be covered pretty frequently by Nintendo as time moves closer and we have more Nintendo Directs.

The game takes place in a past Pokemon world within the Sinnoh region. The design of your character, as well as the architecture, is very cool looking and the game even sports what appears to be an antique Pokeball.

The footage shows that you will be able to choose from three starters but in a new style. You will be able to choose from Cyndaquil(The Gen. 2 fire starter), Rowlet(The Gen. 7 grass starter), and Piplup(The Gen. 4 water starter). Mixing and matching starters from different Gens. is something that we haven’t seen done before.

The gameplay looks somewhat similar to the open-world setup of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This is certainly a new and fresh take on the series that I am really looking forward to. Some footage was shown on actual battles, but not enough to see if battles themselves take place in real-time or not.

Wrapping Up

I think the concept behind this game is refreshing and exciting. That being said, more actual gameplay footage needs to be shown before I can get too excited.

If this does wind up playing as the footage shown plays, it will really set the bar high for future Pokemon games.

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