Rockstar just added 3 new solo missions to Red Dead Online. Now this is by no means a fix to the content drought that RDO is facing, but it is certainly a start, or at the very least something to do.

After you view your newest benefits and claim your free $700 horse, its time to hop into the new solo missions.

Where to Pick up the Telegram

You can grab the telegram that gives you access to these new 3 solo missions from any post office or even your camp’s lockbox.

It’s pretty simple and straight forward, the telegram will be waiting there for you

It’s great to see how straightforward this aspect of the content is. I was pretty frustrated by the gold bar cost to the different roles (on pc at least).

How to Start the Missions

To view the telegrams, you need to open your satchel tab. Once gamepad, this is done by holding the right d-pad button. Go to the documents tab (the final tab) and you will find the telegram there.

Once you open the telegram, you can view the 3 new missions. The menu will show what difficulty the mission is set to as well. Once you finish a mission, it is available again, but on a harder difficulty

Once you start a mission, it appears that there is a 30-minute cooldown before you can start another mission, or the same one again. This is pretty disappointing, to be honest. Grinding in RDO is annoying enough as it is, having a 30-minute cooldown before you can grind some more seems to be a bit ridiculous.

The Missions

The missions themselves are pretty straightforward.

One mission has you stealing a horse and dropping it off while dealing with enemies along the way. Another has you escorting a wagon and dealing with bad guys along the way (see a theme here?).

There’s no cutscene or dialogue in the missions, just straight to the objective. This really makes the 30-minute cooldown even more annoying. These missions could be great for grinding away at cash or gold without the cooldown.

Wrapping Up

While any content is a blessing to Red Dead Online at this point, I still can’t help but feel that Rockstar desperately needs to implement heists and player housing to help rejuvenate the player base’s interest in this game.

Nonetheless, this is good news and hopefully this is a start of constant and continuous content for Red Dead Online.

Rockstar did tease more missions to come in their news post regarding the new missions. While this is exciting to have more content for RDO, one can only hope that more is on the back burner while this holds players over.

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