As I type this article, it is Friday, May 7th and I am jumping into Resident Evil: Village for the first time. I really enjoyed Resident Evil 7 despite it being very different from the franchise’s other games.

Something about the game really did something for me and I have been excited about its successor for some time now.

First and foremost, I will do my best to keep as many spoilers of the story out of this article as I can, but it is tough to reveal some game mechanics without spoiling some minor details.


Whenever I jump into a new PC game, setting up settings for the first time can be a make or break for me. Fortunately, the RE Engine is incredible. My PC has higher-end specs, but certainly not cutting edge, but it has no trouble running the game on higher settings in 60+ FPS.

The game itself looks great as well. I really wish Capcom would let other developers create games in their engine because I really think it captures fantastic appearances without killing my system.

If you are playing this on a console, this probably isn’t one of your major concerns, especially if you are grabbing the game on PS5.


From what I’ve played so far of the story, it’s nothing incredible. Then again, it is a Resident Evil game so most people buying the game will be coming for the ambiance and gameplay.

I will say however that the I am interested to see where the game’s story ties into the overall Resident Evil universe that we know.

Crafting/Upgrade/Merchant Game Mechanics

This is a great addition to Resident Evil: Village that Resident Evil 7 didn’t have and could have benefited from. Pretty early in the game, you will gain access to Duke who will act as the games vendor and weapon upgrader.

This adds a perfect amount of depth to the game and lets you customize your playthrough a bit more than in RE7.

Check out the launch trailer for Resident Evil: Village below.

Wrapping Up

I am really excited to finish this and see where the story takes me. We will be sure to keep you update with more coverage on the game as we work our way through it.

For everything else Resident Evil Village, keep it here.

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