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B n’ D is the card-based mini game featured in Bravely Default 2, find out everything you need to know below.

What is B n’ D?

B n’ D is one of that easy-to pickup, hard-to-master mini-games that are often found in JRPGs. The goal here is to capture more spaces than your opponent before you both run out of cards.

Cards are won from opponents using points you get for victories. You can battle opponents as much as you want in order to rank up in B n’ D and to obtain all of their cards.

Each card has different spaces it occupies once you place it, and some cards have special effects.

The player with the most spaces when each player is out of cards is the winner.

How to Play B n’ D

When starting B n’ D, you will create a deck using six cards of your choosing. You are given a full deck when first introduced to the mini-game, and you can win cards from other B n’ D opponents across the world.

Some cards have more synergy than others, these factors are based on typing, squares occupied, and the effects that are left on the board.

The goal in B n’ D is pretty simple – control the most squares by the time you and your opponent run out of cards to play. The tricky parts come in when your opponent begins stealing spaces, utilizing card effects, as well as flanking cards you’ve already played.

Flanking is the act of stealing spots on the board that your opponent has already claimed. For example, if you place one of your cards both above and below an opponent’s card, that space will then convert to a space occupied by you. This is extremely helpful when trying to maximize real-estate toward the end of a battle.

The best advice here is to focus on playing defensively and waiting for your opponent to make moves that you can counter. Look for openings you can counter/flank, and it should be relatively straightforward.

It’s worth noting that effect cards can be cancelled by using other effect cards, or using a job card to counter another job card.

Basically, occupy as many spaces as you can before you both run out of cards, and experiment with different builds, see which cards have synergy, and go for counters through flanking.

Flanking is easily the most effective way to gain an advantage. So, play your cards carefully and build up a good baseline while watching out for counters, and you should be good to go.

If videos are more you style, check out JRPG Mickey’s breakdown below.

Wrapping Up

B n’ D is a fun little addition to Bravely Default 2, and I appreciate the time and effort that went into the mini-game, even if it isn’t the most balanced experience.

Have you been having fun with B n’ D? Let us know in the comment below. For everything else Bravely Default 2, keep it here.

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