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beastmaster class rundown

Bravely Default 2’s Beastmaster turns the game into Pokemon and also makes you incredibly overpowered extremely early in the game.

The Beastmaster is All You Need

Before we jump in, this is Bravely Default, so a lot of grinding is highly recommended, and pretty much goes without saying for making these classes perform at their best.

It becomes clear pretty fast just how overpowered the Beastmaster class is, especially if you’re willing to put time into it and achieve the higher-level abilities.

At max job level, the Beastmaster gets a roughly 1% increase to all stats with each monster that you catch. When you pair this with four party members all sporting the Beast Whisperer skill, which gives a 30% to capture any beat you kill in battle, you’re well on your way to getting ridiculous stats really early in the game with relative ease.

But, make sure you Beast Whisperer equipped on all of your party members to make capturing easier and faster.

This means you can just start farming easy to win battles for fast captures and huge stat games as early as Chapter 1, once you get the Beastmaster asterisk. And, don’t worry, this asterisk is tied to the main story, so there is no way to miss it.

Do note that any stat gains from the final Beastmaster skill are only applied when you have the job set as your main, otherwise, you will lose all those 1% stat gains.

Recommended Beastmaster Compliments

The Beastmaster class is pretty ridiculous on its own, regardless of what you pair it with, so I would say that this bit is to taste.

That said, I tend to go with Gloria using White Mage as a Sub Class, Seth using Vanguard as a subclass for Neo-Cross Slash, Elvis using Black Mage, or Bard as a subclass for elemental damage or buffs, and Adelle as a Freelancer since that has some all-around handy skills.

As stated above, make sure you have the Beast Whisperer skill equipped, and then go with whatever else you like on your characters, as it really doesn’t matter, unless you’re really into min/maxing your stats.

Make sure you’re always using a spear-type weapon while using Beastermaster, too, as they get huge buffs when using those weapon types.

For a video rundown, check out Poogie Boogie‘s Video below.

Wrapping Up

Beastmaster is a crazy class. You get stat buffs for capturing creatures, you can then use those creatures in battle for exploiting all kinds of enemy weapon/magic weakness. It’s all-around a faceroll class.

If you want a class to just breeze through the game, or are looking for something to have in your back pocket for those particularly challenging encounters, the Beastmaster is the way to go.

How do you feel about the Beastmaster class in Bravely Default 2, will you be using it? Let us know in the comments below.

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