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The Gambler job is the first optionally obtained job in Bravely Default 2, which has you doing all kinds of damage through risky mechanics.

How to Unlock the Gambler Job?

To unlock the Gambler Job, players will first need to complete the main story portions in Avalon. Once the Water Crystal is obtained, you will be able to tackle the sidequest which leads to the Asterisk.

The side quest leading to the Gambler job starts with Shirley. Players will need to learn how to play B n’ D, and win against other B n’ D enthusiasts before challenging Shirley herself.

B n’ D players can be found all throughout Excillant. But, you need only challenge the B n’ D opponents in the gaming hall in order to challenge her. Make sure the sidequest is active before attempting to ensure you’re challenging the correct NPCs. It’s also worth noting that you must first speak with Orpheus in the corner, and then challenge the B n’ D opponents.

Be sure you’re ready for a battle before taking on Shirley, or just follow our Early OP Guide to help get you through.

Once Shirley is defeated in B n’ D, the real battle begins. You will promptly be challenged by Shirley, Orpheus, and her guards. This can be quite a challenging battle, so players will need to make sure they’re prepared before the fight.

For more on B n’ D, head on over to our article covering that in more depth.

Once Shirely is defeated, her asterisk, the Gambler is obtained, and you now have access to the Gambler Job.

What is the Gambler Job?

The Gambler Job is a niche support class that relies entirely on RNG wheel spins in order to be effective. Another skill that Gamblers can use is the ability to spend pg in battle for certain effects, and they are also a great class to play in order to great boatloads of pg.

As one of the more traditional classes in an RPG, in the sense that it harkens back to some of the classics in lore and design, the Gambler can be an entertaining class to play with, and as mentioned above, is a great way to earn pg, as well as spend it (if you’re not careful). That said, It’s not really a class I enjoy playing, but I do think it is a fun little side-addition to the already huge job roster in Bravely Default 2.

It’s one of those high-risk-high-reward jobs that can output some of the most effective damage, in the right circumstances.

For a video overview, check out Gamer Guru’s video below.

Will you be going after the Gambler Job in Bravely Default 2, and do you think it sounds like a fun class? Let us know in the comments below.

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