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using voyages in bd2

Like previous entries in the Bravely series, Bravely Default 2 allows for player progression even when the game isn’t being played. This time around, leaving the system in sleep mode gives bonus loot.

What are Voyages?

Voyages are adventures that take place while the game is in sleep mode. A boat is sent out across the world and it has a random chance of finding helpful loot while the system is in sleep mode. The idea is to help those who don’t have a lot of time to play, so the main rewards here are experience and job experience boosting orbs.

So far, it seems entirely random what loot is given. I’ve even had 11 hour voyages come back with no loot at all.

These adventures can last up to a total of 12 hours, and they allow for chances at some really useful loot while the game isn’t being played. This is a great help for busy players or players who like to get some extra, helpful items while they’re away.

Players get access to voyages very early in the game and are able to access them from any major city.

It’s a good idea to set on voyages every 12 hours, or any time an extended absence from the game is on the horizon.

What Do You Get From Voyages?

While out on Voyages, items are randomly discovered. The items include random increments of PG, which is always helpful, stat buns, which come in every stat variant and raise your overall stat permanently, experience orbs, and job experience orbs.

The experience and job experience orbs can be found in small, medium, and large, all of which grant job exp and character exp respectively. These are a great way to help level your characters and job while you’re not playing the game.

Stat buns are always welcome too, as they grant a permanent bonus to whichever skill is listed on the bun.

Wrapping Up

Voyages are a great way to progress your characters and jobs while you can’t play the game, and it’s a great addition to the game.

If you’re not able to play for a while, this can be an extremely helpful feature, and it’s great to boost your party while you’re busy doing other life things.

What do you think of the Voyages system in Bravely Default 2? Will you be using it a lot? Let us know in the comments below.

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