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Chapter 2: Season 6 has finally arrived, and here’s everything you need to know jumping in.

What’s New in Season 6

Season 6 adds a few new frills to the base mechanics of Fortnite. They have added upgradeable, themed weapons to go with Season 6’s more grungy theme, along with a revamped map.

There are all kinds of new challenges, skins, emotes, and secrets to discover on this new map.

Some of the new weapons are interesting, too. Most notable among those is the bow and arrow, which has a draw time and all-new range mechanic based on how long you draw the arrow for. This is really neat, and it’s also not a hit-scan weapon. Like snipers, you need to lead your shots with this one.

The story this time around focuses on Jonesy and his journey to try and try and clear the Zero-Point.

Season 6 seems to be a bit more story-focused, this time around. Both the map changes and new weapons thematically meld together, and Epic seems to be putting more emphasis on the narrative this time around, too.

When you first load up Season 6, you’ll play through a single-player experience where you’re introduced to what is beginning to happen with the world, Jonesy, and the Zero-Point.

I think this is a great direction for the game to head, and I think Fortnite could really benefit from some more polished single-player/narrative elements.

Season 6 Battle Pass

The battle pass this season is a bit lackluster when compared to the past two seasons, but it is much more narratively focused, so it gets some sympathy points there.

You start off with a Jonesy skin that has multiple styles which can be unlocked as you progress in your levels and challenges. For more on that, check out randomChievos video here.

Notable crossover characters this season include Lara Croft and Raven from Teen Titans. This could mean we’re getting some more DC-related skins this season, possibly a return to of the Joker and Batman skins, which would be awesome.

I think the Jonesy skin is pretty neat, too. It’s a great throwback to classic Fortnite, and I think it’s a tasteful way to usher back in some narrative-focused elements for Fortnite’s lore as a whole. Personally, I think the Jonesy skin and styles are the most tempting from the battle pass bunch.

Will you be picking up the Season 6 battle pass? Let us know in the comments below. For everything else Fortnite and Season 6, keep it here.

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