If you are currently subbed to Fortnite Crew, then the Epic Games team has a bonus offer right now on top of the normal current rewards.

The offer is pretty straightforward. As long as you sign up with a new Spotify account and have an active Fortnite Crews subscription, you will get 3 months free of Spotify Premium to try out.

Spotify Premium is incredible, in my opinion. Without going into detail too much, premium removes ads and lets you download songs to your phone to listen to without using data or when offline.

This offer runs until June 30th, so be sure to act soon if you’re interested.

If you’re looking for more information or interested in signing up, check out the link to the official Epic Games post.

Wrapping Up

I absolutely love Spotify. It’s my go-to app whether I’m in the car or on my pc, so it’s great to see that anyone without it gets a free chance to try it out if they have a Fortnite Crew sub.

How do you feel about the inclusion of Spotify Premium with the Crew Sub? Let us know in the comments below!

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