Fortnite’s newest weapon really sucks. No really, it sucks things up, no pun intended, kinda.

The recycler is now in the game and is absolutely a unique weapon that works incredibly well with the Fortnite world.

On top of looking intimidating, the salvaged weapon look goes great with the weapon theme that all new makeshift and scavenged weapons have.

Check out the Recycler’s very own official trailer.

Use and Effectiveness

The recycler is a really cool idea and overall comes out to be a fun weapon.

It sucks up darn near anything and uses it as ammo, from tree’s to cars, the recycler eats it all.

Once you’re good on ammo, you can launch junk bombs at your enemies and their creations. The weapon does have some minor AOE damage to it, but it really shines with a direct hit.

Wrapping Up

This season’s weapon changes have really changed the way people are playing Fortnite, and I really think that the recycler is a great addition to that new formula.

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