There is a new challenge pack in the Fortnite shop today, this time its the Snakes and Stones Bundle!

Snakes and Stones Bundle

For a visual rundown of the skin, check out PIZO’s video below.

A medusa-themed skin has hit the Fortnite shop alongside a whopping 1,500 V-Buck challenge pack. That being said, because of the challenge pack, this bundle can only be purchased with cash.

The most exciting thing about the new Snakes and Stones pack is that you will have the chance to earn up to 1,500 V-Bucks in-game by completing challenges once you purchase.

Adding new layers of quests to the game while also rewarding more V-Bucks is a great incentive that also adds some more to the core gameplay.

While you do have to pay for these new challenges, it is an interesting way to add more quests to do during the season.

Having new opportunities to grab some more V-Bucks is always great, as well.

I often feel bad for the Fortnite crew. They constantly put out great original content, similar to this new medusa-themed skin. It is often overshadowed by some of the incredible, licensed characters they bring to Fortnite. Still, this has a look and feel that blends well with the recent DC skins, mainly Beast Boy and Raven.



The cost for this bundle is pretty straight forward. It can only be purchased with real money, for $11.99 USD

Wrapping Up

Are you a medusa fan? Will you be rocking this skin? Do you like the different styles offered here? More importantly, how do you feel about paying for additional quests to gain V-Bucks? Do you think this is a system they should continue with, alter, or drop completely? Let us know in the comments!

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