The Armored Batman Zero skin is the newest DC-themed skin to join the Fortnite universe, and it is possibly the best-looking Batman skin we have to date.

What All Are we Getting?

Full credit to Typical Gamer for the sneak peek of the newest content to Fortnite.

We will link to his video showcasing the skin that the Fortnite team gifted to him early down below.

  • Armored Batman Zero Skin
  • Exo-Glider Cape Back Bling
  • Batarang Axe Harvesting Tool

How to Get the Armored Batman Zero Skin

There are two ways to acquire this amazing-looking skin. The first way is to be subscribed to DC Universe Infinite (not the trial period) and read through all six Batman x Fortnite comic series issues.

Once you read through the sixth issue in the series, you will get an email containing your code to unlock this Batman skin. Note that you need to have redeemed all previous five codes on the same account that you want this Batman skin on.

I’ve personally had trouble getting the codes sent to my email, so try reading the comics with your ad-block disabled, as that worked for me, and I got my codes emailed to me a few minutes after re-reading each issue.

For more on the redemption process, check out this link here.

Epic has stated that all skins unlocked via reading the comics are also available date and day in the Fortnite shop. So, players can look forward to purchasing this skin tomorrow, July 6.

Check out the full showcase from Typical Gamer below.

Wrapping Up

The recently released Batman Zero-themed skins have been a personal favorite of mine, so this super exciting for me. Hopefully, we see even more content to come from the comic’s universe.

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