Pokémon announced on July 1st that henceforth, the day should be known as Bidoof Day! I mean, who didn’t want Bidoof to have an entire day dedicated to it?

What is Bidoof Day?

In the official announcement video, not only do we get Bidoof, but we even get a Bidoof themed Rick-Roll. Kudos to the social media team for the creativity on this one.

They even make sure that no one forgets that Bidoof was one great HM slave, a fate no Pokémon wants.

Pokémon has been all about Bidoof lately on their Twitter page as well.

With the announcement of Bidoof day, we have also seen a Bidoof event in Pokémon Go to celebrate! Of course, who didn’t want a flooding of Bidoofs in their area, right?

Bidoof Day Pokemon Celebration

Overall, this is a super fun PR move on Pokémon’s end. Events like this keep them in the news, give the games a chance to catch some momentary popularity with in-game events, etc. It’s a win/win for the fans, too, as these are fun little celebrations that don’t need to exist but do.

There isn’t too much happening within the video game world of Pokémon while we wait for some new titles to release later this year and next year.

This is a fun way to keep fans excited, even if it is just about Bidoof.

Check out the official Bidoof Day announcement video below.

Full credit to Pokémon’s official Twitter page for the images used in this article. You can check out the tweets here and here!

Wrapping Up

Will you be picking up some of the sweet new Bidoof themed merch to support your favorite HM slave? Probably not, but it’s a nice sentiment, and let us know in the comments below anyway.

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