how to train your dragon
how to train your dragon dlc

Dreamworks crosses over with Minecraft in the latest, official pack How to Train Your Dragon DLC.

How to Train Your Dragons

Check out the official How to Train Your Dragon DLC post here.

The DLC is available now in the Minecraft Marketplace in game.

This will give Bedrock Edition players a chance to play with rideable dragon mods that Java players have had for quite some time.

You will be able to explore Berk in this DLC and engage in all sorts of fun activities with other Vikings and dragons. With the DLC, you will also gain access to 24 themed skins from the movies. For more on Minecraft, keep it here.

Unfortunately, for all of Minecraft’s PC Java players, this will not be available to purchase and install, but I am sure it could be easy enough to get close to with the use of mods.

You can check out the official trailer below.

Wrapping Up

This announcement certainly seems out of the blue; however, I imagine that many younger Minecraft fans or anyone who is a fan of the How to Train your Dragon series are probably really excited about this.

It looks like it certainly has the potential to be a lot of fun and add a breadth of new content to an already immensely huge game.

Hopefully, this is more than just a one-and-done type of crossover for Minecraft, and we get to see some even crazier crossovers with the expansive title down the line.

Are you excited about this DLC pack? Are you a fan of How to Train Your Dragon and Minecraft? How do you feel about this crossover, and do you hope for more in the future? Let us know all about it in the comments below!

For more on Minecraft, keep it here.

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