Leaked data files have been found for a Movie Venom skin in this season of Fortnite.

Leaked Skin Details

Found over on Reddit, user SmearReddit posted images that point toward a Movie Venom skin in this season of Fortnite.


Venom’s skin textures above are from the 2018 film of the same name, as well as the same appearance the character will retain in the upcoming Venom: Let There Be Carnage sequel slated for next month.

This is a welcome addition to Fortnite’s roster, and this leak also coincides with Carnage being the level 100 Battle Pass skin for the current season of the game.

Epic typically takes an in-house, stylized approach to character skins, despite including movie Carnage in the Battle Pass. This lends credence to the leaked textures pointing to a skin that should be appearing in the game relatively soon.

A human-sized model has been found in the files tied to this new skin, possibly hinting at an Eddie Brock style for the skin, noted by Reddit users. These leaks elevate the skin’s value and overall appeal, and I think it would be a great idea to incorporate.

With the Carnage movie skin, and given Fortnite’s penchant for creating their own versions of character skins, it’s likely that we can expect a comic-inspired style for Carnage as one of the post-100 skin unlocks.

When to Expect the Movie Venom Skin

Another leaked image shows the in-house codenames that Epic is using for this upcoming Movie Venom skin.


When Fortnite decides to add high-profile skins into the game, they typically do so through prolific event periods. It’s likely that we’ll see a release similar to other cross-over skins in the past. This could be a Venom Cup style tournament where players compete to earn the skin prior to a shop.

Based on the leak, the movie Carnage skin being a part of this season’s Battle Pass, and the overall hype of the upcoming Venom sequel, it’s likely we can expect this cup to debut around the time that the film releases to public audiences on October 15.

There is usually a week-long period between the debut of character Cups and their subsequent releases in the shop.

Personally, I will be expecting something to happen around that time period relating to this new, leaked Venom movie skin. It’s also quite possible that this skin will debut straight to the shop.

Epic may be saving this as the mid-season skin since movie Carnage is already a part of the Battle Pass. Epic typically puts big-name characters in as hidden, mid-season skins. These are usually character skins that fit the theme of the Battle Pass. So, it’s possible that this new, movie Venom skin could also be the hidden, mid-season character skin as well.

Wrapping Up

Whether the new skin is part of a character Cup, a shop release, or a mid-season skin release, it will be coming to the game.

I love Venom as a character, and I enjoyed the first film and the approach they took to the character design. Getting a chance to play as the cinematic Venom in one of my favorite titles at the moment is incredibly exciting.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming Movie Venom skin? How do you think Epic will choose to release it? Let us know in the comments below!

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