It certainly doesn’t feel like it, but Terraria turns 10 years old this year! Since its launch, it’s certainly come a long way and has recently received what was promised to be its final patch with content as well.

10 Years of Terreria

Check out the official steam post with all of the 10 year anniversary information.

With an astounding 35 million copies sold, it’s safe to say that Terraria is a huge success 10 years later.

While it may be minuscule to some players, I have personally logged 230 hours in Terraria on Steam. Even with over a week straight of time logged, I know deep down that I’m still not done with Terraria. Over the many years that I have been playing it, it has always remained one of my favorite go-to titles when I want to kick back and have some fun.

The game always finds a way to bring me back and I hope that doesn’t change. I always look forward to jumping in from time to time, collecting new items and sets, setting up new bases and seeing what I can come up with. Regardless of what I’m doing, it’s nice to be able to always jump back into Terreria as a way to unwind.

Full credit to Re-Logic for the fantastic artwork!

Re-Logic is sticking to their promise that 1.4.2 would be the final patch with content even in the face of a 10th anniversary, but it was still cool to see them share some love to the community with what they’ve put together; for everyone!

Wrapping Up

It blows my mind to think that Terraria is 10 years old already. I can still remember downloading the newest patch and checking out the new content in between classes in college.

For everything else Terraria, keep it here.

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