The newest Wild Week is here and this time its sure to bring on some chaos. Fortnite Wild Weeks 3 is bouncing themed!

Wild Weeks 3

You can check out the official post from the Fortnite team here.

Wild Week 3 focuses on bouncing all around. So, the Shockwave Bows, Shockwave Grenades, and Bouncer pads are seeing an increased drop rate all over the map.

The bounce-focused weapons are great for offense and defense. Players can use the Shockwave Bows to launch enemies and themselves and their teammates if they find themselves in a sticky situation. The same applies to Shockwave Grenades and bounce pads. These work great on both offense and defense.

These items will spawn on the map more frequently, giving players a better opportunity to get their hands on them and cause a ruckus. Players will have to make sure they’re precise with the Shockwave Bow, in particular, if they’re going for a kill, as anything not functioning as a direct hit will cause the enemy to bounce around without taking damage.

If you have used any of these items in game already then you know how hectic they can make a fight. This will definitely change the combat dynamic in the week to come and put an emphasis on aim in combat to win.

You can enjoy the changes in-game this Wild Week until May 27th.

Wrapping Up

Are you excited for the chaos to ensue from everyone bouncing around? I find the Shockwave Bow to be a lot of fun, but it certainly takes a while to get the hang of, especially when trying to line up shots from far away. And, you better make sure to make your shots count at a distance as a miss will alert the enemy to your position while also causing them to fly in a random direction based on where the arrow lands around them.

But, what do you think of Wild Weeks 3? Will you be jumping in? Let us know in the comments!

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