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It’s Parents against Babies in Among Us’ latest, and possibly most demented mod, the Daycare Imposter.

What is the Daycare Imposter Mod?

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The Daycare mod changes up a lot of the gameplay in Among Us.

The goal here is for all the babies to die. As a baby, players need to find forks throughout the map which can then be used to either eat garbage piles scattered around the map or electrocute themselves by grabbing a fork and making it to an electrical outlet.

Once all babies are dead, the game is over.

Players that aren’t babies are called Parents, and they can run around the map and pick up babies to keep them from killing themselves. Once picked up, babies can be placed back in the crib at spawn. Parents are also able to clean up garbage and take forks away from the babies.

This combination of elements creates another unique experience in Among Us. An interesting dynamic is created between the babies trying to find forks, garbage, and electrical outlets, while the Parents run around trying to keep the babies away from the forks, outlets, and garbage.

Check out Ssundee’s showcase below.

How to Play the Daycare Imposter Mod?

As with most of the mods that come out, there is currently no publicly available download link. So, in order to play this mod, you need to join a lobby with the mod already enabled. Once the mod is available for download, however, players simply need to install it and create a lobby. At that point, other players can join and play the Daycare Imposter mod.

Wrapping Up

It’s great to see a modern game going all out with the mod community. This level of community involvement is very similar to what players were experiencing in the early 2000s with the Source engine.

Mods like this, and a mod community so dedicated offer a lot to the community and really show the importance of allowing players to take the reigns of the base game and run with it. This helps keep the game fresh and interesting long after the core game has run its course.

Do you think the Daycare Imposter Mod sounds interesting? Let us know in the comments below.

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