among us godzilla mod

The King of the Monsters makes his debut as the imposter in the Among Us Godzilla Mod.

Godzilla’s Abilities

The Among Us Godzilla Mod pits the imposter as the King of the Monsters himself.

As Godzilla, imposters can spit out acid that creates a puddle on the ground, damaging crewmates, pickup crewmates and spike them into the ground, use a shockwave to hit the ground and stun all nearby crewmates, grow even bigger to cause more mayhem, and even use Godzilla’s trademark atomic breath to attack crewmates.

There is a ton to experiment and play around with in Godzilla’s kit. It’s great to see a mod go such great lengths to be fun and thematically faithful to the source material.

Imposters have to manually transform into Godzilla, so it still maintains that stealth element, to an extent, for Imposter players.

Once the Imposter transforms, all players will hear Godzilla’s roar, as well as the screen shaking.

From a polish standpoint, a lot of attention to detail when into the Among Us Godzilla Mod is great to see. Not to mention there are completely custom sprites and animations for Godzilla’s model and attacks.

Huge props to the mod creator for going to such lengths to created a fun, polished mod.

For a video showcase, check out Ssundee’s showcase below.

How to Play Godzilla Mod

There is currently no publicly available download link for this mod, so you all know the drill – you have to wait until that becomes available or join a lobby with the mod installed.

As a huge Godzilla fan, I really hope we see this one become available sooner than later. I can’t give enough praise to the faithfulness to the source material and the effort put into custom animations, sprites, and attacks.

For everything else Among Us, keep it here.

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