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herobrine as imposter in among us

Herobrine joins the roster of unofficial Among Us mods complete with lore-friendly abilities to terrify your crewmates.

What is the Herobrine mod?

The Herobrine Imposter mod is another Imposter mod that allows the imposter to play as Minecraft’s enigmatic villain.

When playing as the Imposter, players are able to transform into Herobrine.

When transformed Imposters can become invisible, shoot fireballs, possess crewmates, teleport around the map, and even transport crewmates to the Nether.

Possessed crewmates are mind controlled and can kill other crewmates, creating some exciting strategies and playstyles.

The Nether is actually an area that the Imposter can teleport to once playing as Herobrine.

When in the Nether, Imposters can pick up a molten rock used to shoot as his fireball. Crewmates can easily be killed using the fireball ability.

Possessed Crewmates can also be teleported to the Nether and trapped within the level until the end of the match.

For a visual rundown on the Herobrine Imposter mod, check out SSundee’s video below.

How to Download the Herobrine Mod

There is currently no public download for this mod, but something like this should be incorporated into the main game.

In order to play this mod, players would have to join a lobby with the mod already installed.

Hopefully, some of these mods start becoming public soon, as they add a ton of replayability and new features to Among Us.

Wrapping Up

As we cover these Among Us mods, they become more and more elaborate. The Herobrine Imposter mod adds a ton of unique models and areas to the game and completely new gameplay mechanics. It’s a shame the game isn’t hooked up with something like the Steam workshop.

Granting the entire player base the ability to check out all these mods would allow way more replayability and options when hopping into matches.

Hopefully, we see something like this happen soon.

What do you think of the Herobrine mod? Are you still playing Among Us? Let us know in the comments below!

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