Play as the Juggernaut in Among Us’ latest mod.

What is the Juggernaut Crewmate Mod?

This newest Among Us mod switches things up a little and puts some power back into the crewmate’s hands.

At the start of each round, one of the crewmates can spawn as the cop. Whoever is in the cop role is adorned in a full juggernaut outfit and has a myriad of abilities at their disposal.

The abilities are pretty straightforward like their names imply.

The thwack ability allows you to stun a fellow crewmate, imposter or not.

Roll Out turns you into a cop car allowing for better mobility.

The lock-up ability controls the jail cell in which you can lock up and eject potentially suspected imposters.

At any time you can pick up one of your buddies and get them to safety.

The zoom-out ability is straightforward, yet interesting. Zooming out gives you a better view of the action and backstabs and allows you to keep your fellow crewmates safe.

For a video showcase, check out Ssundee’s video below.

How to Play Juggernaut Crewmate Mod

Unfortunately, it’s the same story with this mod. There are currently no publicly available download links for this mod, so you’ll have to wait until that becomes available or join a lobby with the mod installed.

I really like that this one takes a different approach to the game. The crewmates already have numbers, but with the cop role, now they have the law on their side.

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