Making its debut alongside the Godzilla mod, Among Us now has a King Kong mod for the Imposter.

What is the King Kong Mod?

The King Kong mod is an imposter overhaul where the Imposter can transform into Kong to eliminate Crewmates and cause havoc throughout the map. Also, check out our article covering the awesome Godzilla Imposter Mod.

When playing the Imposter, players will have the option of transforming into King Kong and causing all kinds of chaos for the crewmates throughout the map. This mod is interesting as it focuses on the chaos and damage you can cause instead of stealth, much like the Godzilla Imposter mod also does.

As Kong, players can grab crewmembers and lift them into the air, slam them down for a kill, leap all over the map, do an area-of-effect ground pound, and even drop a replica Empire State Building on helpless crewmembers. These abilities are powerful and can cause all kinds of damage to crewmates throughout the map.

For a showcase, check out Ssundee’s video below.

How to Play the King Kong Mod

As there is no download link available to the public at this time, you’ll need to find a lobby with the mod active and installed to play this one, folks. It’s unfortunate, but that seems to be the way this goes lately. Hopefully, we see an explosion of mod-related content become accessible to everyone soon, as these types of mods seem way too fun not to be able to play.

I think it’s great that even Among Us is ramping up with the Godzilla vs. Kong hype, and these mods are some great-looking fun for fans of those respective series. I’d love to play them, but who knows when the mods will be released for everyone.

For everything else Among Us, keep it here.

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