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The Among Us community has created yet another mod; this time it’s all about the money

What is the Pay to Win Mod?

Among Us mods are really changing the mechanics up lately, and the Pay to Win mod is no different.

This time, it’s all about the money. One player starts off as the Imposter, and everyone starts with a handful of cash. You get more money from fully completing tasks, and from finding cash piles on the ground.

Players can use money to gamble on the slot machine, turn other players into imposters, place bounties on another player, which means killing them grants you that amount once the marked player is eliminated.

Other options available to players are the option to kill anyone, or revive a killed player.

Money is also used during the voting phase, where you put money down on who you want to be eliminated, and it also costs money to try and lower the amount of money placed on another player during the voting phase.

Check out Ssundee’s showcase below.

How to Play the Pay to Win Mod?

Like with previous mods showcased, there is currently no publicly available download link.

In order to play this mod, you need to join a lobby with the mod already enabled.

Once the mod is available for download, however, players simply need to install it and create a lobby. At that point, other players can join and play the Pay to Win mod.

Wrapping Up

The increasingly complex nature of the community mods is really great to see, but these should be made publicly available for everyone to experience. It makes for great YouTube content, but I think it would benefit the community as a whole if everyone had access to it.

Do you think the Pay to Win Mod sounds interesting? Let us know in the comments below.

For everything else Among Us, keep it here.

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