With the recent flak that 343 Industries has been getting for XP gains in Halo Infinite, they have once again buffed the amount that players will gain per match; but, will that be enough to keep the player base satisfied?

Gains and gains

Halo Infinite has been going through consistent changes since the early launch of its multiplayer suite. Recently, 343 Industries patched the XP system in the battle pass, adding a minimal 50 XP gained per match regardless of any additional challenge cards being completed.

Considering it currently takes 1000 XP to level up each time, this results in a minimum of 20 matches per day if a player is completing no other challenges. That’s quite a lot of game time going unrewarded. Past entries in the series have awarded players XP based on which medals they obtain during a match, which is a great way to encourage skillful play while also consistently rewarding the player for their efforts.


Players were instead encouraged to putz around a map in hopes that it would end early, resulting in the 50 XP gain. 343 Industries have somewhat alleviated that issues by changing the reward system for the first few match of each game played per day. 343 Industries’ John Junyszek details the changes here.

the new XP breakdown is as follows:

1st Game = 300 XP
2nd game = 200 XP
3rd game = 200 XP
4th game = 100 XP
5th game = 100 XP
6th game = 100 XP
7th+ Game = 50 XP

This change frontloads XP gains for players each day, and it’s a welcome change to the system that was previously in place, but is this enough? For players that play for longer sessions, going beyond that 7th match will be as unrewarding as it has previously been. Hopefully we see even more changes to the XP system down the road as Halo Infinite is a great experience aside from its current reward system.

Wrapping Up

343 Industries continuing to tweak the Battle Pass is a welcome sight, but will it be enough to keep progression steady? Will it be enough to keep players satisfied during longer gaming sessions, as this new change is only reflected in the first few matches each day? It’s unfortunate that we see Halo Infinite grasping onto the coattails of other successful titles instead of forging its own path – which is what lead the series to greatness in the first place. Hopefully, the studio heads at Microsoft will realize this and allow 343 Industries to forge a complete multiplayer experience that doesn’t ask players for more money at every turn and, instead, focuses on a complete, comprehensive multiplayer experience.

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