The time is finally here. The Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update Part 1 finally has a release date. Come June 8th, you and your friends will be able to experience all of the new content live in vanilla Minecraft.

You can check out the official announcement post here.

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs

Pulled from the official announcement “The update will be available for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Xbox Series XXbox Series SXbox OnePlayStation 5PlayStation 4Nintendo SwitchiOSAndroid, and Windows 10 – as well as Java Edition on WindowsmacOS, and Linux“.

With an original release timeline of “this summer”, its incredible to hear that we will be receiving the update in just a week’s time.
With Nintendo being famous for it, one of my favorite things in the gaming industry is when a studio has a game ready to release, announces it, and makes it available nearly immediately.

The Caves and Cliffs Update has been split into two updates now, with the latter part expected to drop in “Fall”. Hopefully this release is a hint that we will be able to expect the second half available earlier this Fall, rather than later.

While bundles are still out, candles have managed to make their way back into the update, along side glowing signs. There will be plenty to look forward to in the update, especially with new blackrock and copper blocks to keep an eye out for.

As always, wattles has a great video going over every new block coming and how to acquire them.

Wrapping Up

I haven’t gone on a Minecraft bender in a while, so it will certainly be fun to start up a server with the newest update and play around with the new content (especially candles and copper).

For more on Minecraft, keep it here.

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